Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Obama Unleashed a Spirit of Evil

“I was talking to a preacher just a few days ago who said that an evangelist who is, who travels widely, said to him that ever since the Obama administration came into influence that the pastors are saying they had the hardest year of ministry of their entire lives and they can’t quite explain why.

But it is true. There is this spirit of oppression among the Lord’s people right now, and it’s tangible but it’s something that’s hard to explain and quantify. I must confess that in my own spirit I have been subject to depression. I have to fight against it. I have to pray against it. Our country is being dismantled piece by piece. Socialism is sweeping the nation. It’s not the America that I knew and your parents knew. It’s not going to be the same country ever again and this discourages me greatly. But we know God has allowed it because he is in control of these things. The powers that be are ordained of God, the Scripture says. We know that so we accept it from the Lord. I try to accept it cheerfully. I try to pray according as to how I’m commanded to pray. But I must confess that within me there is this sense that we are approaching if not already over the cliff and that it’s never going to be the same again. And there is a spirit of evil that’s prevalent in our nation. It has been unleashed. The Bible says when the wicked are in authority, the people mourn, the righteous mourn. And it is happening, it is real, it is tangible in your churches.

“Pray for your pastors. Pray for your people. The pastors are saying, you know, that the ho-hum sort of Christians, the borderline people, the fringe people, they are very depressed, they’re just kind of dropping out, they’re just kind of defeated in their spirit. The spiritually-minded people understand what’s going on, understand the spiritual warfare, are praying harder than ever, are asking God to send revival more than they’ve ever prayed for that before. But it’s taking a toll on the make-up of the people in the churches.”

- Bob Jones III, 11/12/2009, “The Reference Standard

Mr. Obama's juju is apparently so bad that even a mere picture of him has the power to unleash these depressing spirits of evil and oppression among the Bob Jones crowd…


  1. This entire rant is based on a second- or third-hand anecdote. Is this what passes for preaching at the BOB these days?

  2. Not one single mention of Scripture--NONE. So how is this rant Bible based--it isn't. I think we should be warned when so-called men of God are using some ill-defined. nebulous kind of ESP to guess at what is wrong with the world and what we need to do about it.

  3. The link to the collegian kills me. This man was elected our president whether you like it or not. The thought that you shouldn't use his picture ever is absurd let alone to use the day after he was elected. Btw you know no one there would have complained of a pic of McCain had he won. These people are morons.

  4. So the Totalitarianism at BoJo is ok? Students are like mind numb robots who walk in lock and step for fear of punishment. What a hypocrite.

  5. That's funny. I actually felt more spiritual oppression when I returned to campus than I had ever felt in my life; oppression that lifted whenever I left Greenville. Praise God I have finally left for good!

  6. Let me see if I understand this correctly.

    1. The ho-hum sort of Christians, the borderline peopleand the fringe people are very depressed.

    2. Dr. Bob admits that "in my own spirit I have been subject to depression".

    What is he trying to tell us about himself?